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Berry Tipsy

It all started with a berry and a dream. Decorating berries became a passion at a time in Dominique’s life when she needed direction. Berry Tipsy allowed her to showcase her creativity while also providing specialty treats for various celebrations. 

Berry Tipsy launched in 2014 as a hobby for Dominique and today, the business is becoming a well-known household name in the Twin Cities. As the Founder & CEO of Berry Tipsy, Berry Tipsy has fulfilled over 300 orders to date resulting in raving reviews and testimonials from valued customers.


Berry Tipsy provides exceptional service with an emphasis on tailoring to each customer’s request. When Dominique is not fulfilling strawberry orders, you can find her caring for her family, working out, and serving her community.


Check out the rest of the site to learn more and place an order to bring Berry Tipsy to your next party!  

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